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Explore Vienna with Big Bus Tours

Vienna developed from early Celtic and Roman settlements into a Medieval and Baroque city. It is regarded as the City of Music due to its musical legacy and it’s also known as the City of Dreams because it was home to Sigmund Freud, the world's first psycho-analyst.

On the Big Bus sightseeing tour you will discover Vienna’s rich history through our informative personal commentary. Throughout the tour you will witness a wealth of stunning architecture that can be seen in the city’s beautiful castles and gardens, grand monuments and pristine parks. The Austrian capital encompasses all the traditions of a European city, from Roman foundations through to Gothic and Baroque.

The hop-on, hop-off facility allows you to explore the city at your leisure and our double-decker buses will offer you a panoramic view of Vienna.

See the City Sights


The Big Bus sightseeing tour of Vienna will take you to the famous landmarks and best attractions that the city has to offer.

Soak up the sights of the impressive buildings, including the Vienna State Opera, St Charles’s Church and St Stephen’s Cathedral. Hop-off the bus to take a closer look at these magnificent landmarks and to explore the city's beautiful open spaces, like People’s Park.

For more information on the places you will visit on the Big Bus Tour, checkout the Tour Highlights.

Personal Commentary in 12 Languages


The sightseeing tour of Vienna includes an informative and entertaining commentary that guides you through the city. The commentary outlines Vienna’s fascinating history and highlights the buildings and landmarks of significance.

The personal recorded commentary is offered in your choice of 12 languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese, Polish, Hungarian, Japanese, Hindi and Russian.

Complimentary headphones are provided on the bus.

Buses at Regular Intervals


The hop-on, hop-off facility enables you to get on and off the bus at a number of exciting places to explore at your leisure. You can take a break from your tour whenever you wish to visit attractions and landmarks and re-join the tour at your convenience.

The regular service enables you to see the sights in your own time and gives you the flexibility to start the tour at any of the hop-on, hop-off stops.

Conveniently Located Stops


There are many locations where you can get off the bus. Each location has been carefully selected so that you are within easy reach of one of Vienna's key attractions or landmarks.

Explore the sights at each stop for as little or for as long as you like. When you’re ready to continue your tour, hop-on any of our tour buses. You can hop-on and off as many times as you want within the validity of your hour ticket.


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